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100% A2A2

A2 Milk refers to the A2 type beta-casein proteins in the milk. Most cows in the country will produce milk with a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins. Milk from cows that produce milk containing a higher content of A2 proteins can be easier to digest, which may prove beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant and have milk allergies.

12 - 1/2 Gallon Glass Bundle Organic Raw Milk (A2A2)

12 - 1/2 Gallon Glass (6 Gallons Total) - Includes $2 Glass Deposit
NEW ITEM - Introductory Special $10.00 savings
$102.00 $92.00

6 Qt Bundle Plain Yogurt

6 Quarts Plain Yogurt (Pasteurized)
Bulk Discount $3.00 savings
$34.50 $31.50
Bulk Discount $3.00 savings
$36.00 $33.00