Alpine Heritage Creamery

Alpine Heritage Creamery

Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Alpine Heritage Creamery
specializes in making hand-crafted cheeses from 100% grass-fed cows.
Our cheese is made from our own jersey dairy cows grazing on our lush
green pastures in Paradise, PA.

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Backyard Bison


Backyard Bison is a small, unconventional farm where we use common-sense practices to naturally produce good food that is good for you.  

Our Bison (American Plains Buffalo) are ranch raised with care here on our farm in Upper Bucks County in Pennsylvania.  Our bison herd is on pasture as much as possible and we do not use hormones or antibiotics with our Bison.  We also do not use pesticides or herbicides on our pastures.  We never feed any waste products, animal by-products, urea, or Rabon to our bison.

We NEVER use hormones, antibiotics or commercial cattle feed.  We do not use herbicides or pesticides on our pastures.  Our entire farm is fenced into eight pastures, and we make most of our own grass hay on rented local farmland.  We also buy some local grass hay from farmers and fields that we know well.  The Buffalo eat some hay while grazing in the Summer, but the hay is most important for natural winter feeding.  Hay is simply grass that has been preserved by drying.  The Buffalo in the wild, eat the dried prairie grass in the Winter.  We also feed "green-chop" when necessary.  This is grass that we harvest with a flail chopper then transport to the Buffalo and feed "fresh".  This is very helpful when we do not have enough pasture due to drought, etc.
We have never fed our Bison urea or rabon or any of the feed ingredients suspected of causing mad cow disease.  We have never fed our Bison any animal by-products or any waste products, like spent brewers grains, distillers grains, or even produce scraps. 
Our Bison are not force-fed anything, and I'm not even sure that it is possible to force a Bison to do anything that it does not want to do.

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Beiler's Heritage Acres

Beiler's Heritage Acres

Stretching across ninety acres of pristine Lancaster County farmland, Beiler Heritage Acres is a true gem. A farm committed to the knowledge of soil and plant species. Omar Beiler operates with the full intention of growing the best possible quality of anything that might be in his fields.

One of Beiler's Niche Products is the pastured Jersey Butter that we offer in unsalted and salted variety. Every batch is small batch-traditionally churned for the best in consistency and quality. Remember, this is one of your true, REAL, local farmers that cares about the land on which his humanely treated livestock roams, and are raised in harmony with nature. The way God intended...

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Dutch Meadows Family of Farms

About Dutch Meadows Family of Farms,


Recently, we have developed partnerships with a close knit group of small, sustainable, family farms, where we practice farming with nature without using harmful pesticides, chemicals and artificial growth hormones. Where our livestock is treated with respect and letting them live their lifestyle the way God created them. We try to keep them outdoors as much as possible and create a low stress, all natural and healthy environments for them to live in.

Our group of family farmers all have special talents and a vision for the future as we work with our unique operation. We are able to use their skills in raising Livestock and producing high quality, traditional, nutrient dense, raw and organic foods. And they are able to use our marketing and communication skill as we try to pack every order as efficiently as possible.
Even though we are so dedicated to what we do, nothing is possible without you, the consumer, who has done the research and wants to join the growing community of people who want food that is clean, pure and safe to eat. Fresh from the farm!  The way God intended it to be. You, who is consciously buying the best for you and your family. We need you, to maintain our lifestyle and to provide a cleaner, safer environment for the future.

We are also blessed to have a team of talented people here at the farm needed to setup and maintain a unique food supply chain through our drop point system, please refer to our buying club page for more info.

Many people tell us that our 100% grass-fed, certified organic, Raw Milk has a sweet taste and a smooth texture and our 100% grass-fed beef is beyond anything they have ever tried before. But we will let you be the judge although we think you will find it to be very robust and outstanding. We always try to exceed your expectations.
Never underestimate the power of a small group of people who want to make a difference; in fact it is the only way to make a big difference. Be the change you want to see in the world.
Working together and that alone will change the quality of life, our environment and the quality of our animals lives.     

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Fizz'n Flavors

Fizz'n Flavors

Our newest kombucha vendor: Fizz'n Flavors is a local kombucha producer in New Holland, PA that brews tasty homemade kombucha by Linda. She is definitely serious about making REAL kombucha that satisfies the taste bud! Please note, this kombucha is small-batch brewed only in glass vessels! Please check out the variety we offer online at our fermented drinks page. Enjoy!

Not familiar with Kombucha or curious exactly what it is? Read this post here: The benefits of kombucha by "Kombucha Kamp".

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Gap View Homestead

​At Gap View Homestead, we believe that simple is better. Everything we make starts with fresh ingredients and prepared using time tested recipes. We add nothing that nature didn't intend. Gap View Products, the simple, delicious choice for your family.

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Green Pastures

Green Pasture Products™ is a family owned business started by Dave and Barb Wetzel in 2003. Our business focus is to provide high-quality sacred-food oils just as they were made prior to the industrialized food and farming revolution.
High-Vitamin Butter Oil is our foundation product that all our work has blossomed through. Dr. Weston Price discovered High-Vitamin Butter Oil back in the 1930's but the pinnacle of his discovery was when he combined Cod Liver Oil with High-Vitamin Butter Oil.

Today we produce the High-Vitamin Butter Oil, and we ferment the historically sacred cod and skate liver oils.
Fermenting the livers of fish to extract the oil is an old world practice that may go back as far as biblical times. During the 1850s was the beginning of the industrial food revolution and the first time cod liver oil manufacturing changed from it's historical sacred roots to an industrialized food.
We've turned back the clock and restored these sacred foods to their roots. We Are proud to offer these historical sacred foods prepared with the same great care and concern for our generational health just as our ancestors.
Dr. Price traveled the world studying the traditional diets of many cultures. In every culture he discovered sacred foods that were carefully collected and prepared to ensure the strong mind, body, and spirit of its people.

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Koch`s Turkey Farm


Koch's Turkey Farm is a true family farm that values the traditional standards of our Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage. Roscoe and Emma Koch first started raising turkeys on the family farm in 1939. The Koch's Turkey Farm was founded by their son Lowell and his wife Elizabeth in 1953. Our original farm boasted 2 small open houses and 60 acres of open space.

Since that time we have gradually evolved into a fully integrated farm with 45 turkey houses, a hatchery, and an all natural feed mill. Our feed contains no synthetic herbicides or pesticides and no animal by-products.

Today the farm is carefully managed by the third generation of the Koch's family.

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Misty Creek Goat Dairy

Serenity Meadows Farm


The Elam Stoltzfus and family from Serenity Meadows farm put a lot of effort into raising pastured free-range broilers with "chicken tractors" Humanely and Naturally. They are only about 5 miles from Dutch Meadows and seasonally process fresh chicken from June-November. For the many times we`ve been to their farm, it touches us how they are sustainable about farming by including the whole family and keeping the rich traditions with our heritage. Besides raising broilers they also enjoy milking cows, producing eggs from free-range pastured chickens, raising grass-fed beef and more. By shopping for pasture raised chicken at Dutch Meadows, you are supporting this local small farm producer who takes care of his land and keeps our customers in consideration. If you get a chance to visit the farm countryside out here, pay them a friendly visit at:

362 School Lane Road, Gap, PA, 17562

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Shellbark Hollow Farm

Stockins Apiaries

A Short History of Stockin’s Apiaries
Written by owner, Gary Stockin

Since I was a boy on the family dairy farm, I have always loved honey.  As a child, I wondered how people could get honey from bees. I looked for honey and even found a bee hive in a tree, and was able to cut a section of comb honey out by tying my hunting knife onto a long pole and poking it around in the hive. Later a man cutting lumber in our woods found two bee trees and had two big tin pails full of honey combs. That looked like gold to me and my desire to have bees someday was cemented in my mind. At that age, however, I never thought of the possibility of keeping bees as a business. Years passed, and as a young adult, when I heard of people having honeybees in the walls of their houses, I jumped at the chance to get them and transfer them to old, empty bee boxes which had been given to me by a man known as “Grandpa” Broughton in Morris, PA.

In 1975, my friends introduced me to Robert C. Herr, who had owned Herr’s Fruit Farm in Millersville, Pennsylvania.  “Grandpa” Herr was happy to pass on his interest in beekeeping to me, while we were living near New Milford, PA. I bought enough equipment to start a few hives and enough to sell, so that very briefly I was a dealer for Dadant and Sons. It was then that I adopted the name of Stockin’s Apiaries. It gave me a little discount but ended as quickly as it started. When my wife and I and our family were transitioning to Lancaster County, I began to help Grandpa Herr take care of his hives and he in turn helped me learn to keep bees as an occupation, rather than just as a hobby.  The opportunity to take over his bee operation around 1985 was thrilling for me.  I kept bees alongside my other work for several years, waiting and praying about the day when I could begin to do this full time.

The time came in 1992 when I felt that I should start out full time on my own.  Being a farmer at heart, I loved the job of working with bees.  It was and is hard work, but it is fascinating to take care of these little creatures.  They are indeed, designed by our Creator, God.  Today, Stockin’s Apiaries is no longer just me keeping bees, but it has grown into our small business with at times having the whole family involved in building bee equipment, taking honey off, extracting, bottling and labeling honey, rendering wax, and sometimes moving bees into and out of orchards for pollination.  Presently I am a “Grandpa” beekeeper.

Through my years of beekeeping, I have kept approximately 200-300 beehives.  Since our bees are moved from one place to another, one will not find an “apiary” of bees established on our own property.  For the winter I sometimes have taken them to Florida so that they could keep active and busy.  After the orange blossoms are finished, they come back north in time for apple blossoms and for early spring blooms of dandelion, wild cherry, locust and clover.  Also, they may be out working to pollinate pumpkins, strawberries or other plants.  After these, the bees are often moved further to Northern Pennsylvania or New York for sweet clover, locust, blackberry, tulip poplar, goldenrod and other wildflowers.

Since the demand for good raw honey has increased, Stockin’s Apiaries has needed much more honey than we’ve been able to produce from our own bees.  We are thankful for many markets in Lancaster County, as well as many faithful customers who come from great distances for our honey.  In response, we have purchased honey from friends and other reputable beekeepers in order to supply customers.  We like to buy as “locally” as is possible, but we have begun to get alfalfa raw honey from Canada and buckwheat raw honey from Washington State.

For me, beekeeping and making our customers happy by supplying good honey, has been something I love.   I give the credit to the Lord for sustaining my family with this work.  It is a blessing to me to be surrounded by family members and other employees who each one, with his or her own abilities, fill an important role for Stockin’s Apiaries. 

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Stoltzfus Snacks

Stoltzfus snacks is owned and operated by one of Dutch Meadows Family farmers. They grind fresh nut butters every week.

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The Family Cow

The Family Cow-In Their Words:

Your Family Farmer is a unique, close-knit group of
grass-based sustainable family farms. We each have a special vision and
talent to nurture healing foods from God’s good earth. We specialize in
high-integrity, nutrient-dense, raw, traditional, organic foods from
earth, grass and livestock - livestock that are treated with full
respect to their design and the plan of their Creator.

Partnering is the beauty of Your Family Farmer's plan.  Our
sustainable farmer community works together. We need each other. They
benefit from our unique strengths and we from theirs.  In fact, we call
this community of farmers a 'sustainable farmer incubator.'  

We think that word picture pretty well describes it.

We work with them and they with us and all of us work for you, the
rapidly growing community of smart, awake, food buyers. You who
consciously choose to make a difference... Your buying choice gives us
and our artisan food partners a chance. You give us a chance to hatch
and grow our dream to produce super-healing foods for your family.

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Trickling Springs Creamery

Walnut Run Farm

A small, unique family farm located in Honey Brook, Chester County PA.

A special note from the baker/farmer: "Thank-you for your interest in the bakery at Walnut Run Farm. We operate a small on farm bakery simply by our own family with the help of a few neighbor girls. We hold high, uncompromised standards for our specialty products, using organic ingredients and heritage grains. Our goal is to produce the healthiest baked goods on the market while maintaining a memorable taste." Melvin Fisher at Walnut Run Farm

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Whistle Stop Cafe

We offer bread that's organic, naturally fermented, hand-shaped, hearth-baked, crusty, hearty, and all around delicious! Our sourdough culture has been developing for 20 years, giving our bread a distinctive and complex flavor profile. We use three basic ingredients in our bread and starter: organic bread flour, water, and kosher salt. Our bread tastes best if it's stored in a paper bag (to preserve that crusty crispness,) and sliced, right before you eat it. Because our bread is preservative free, we recommend freezing any portion that will not be used in 2 to 3 days. If you think you'll need to freeze some.

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Wild For Salmon


Wild For Salmon began as only an adventurous trip to Alaska in 2002 to do some commercial salmon fishing with a friend. Following our first fishing excursion, we arrived home with 2 coolers of salmon for our friends and family. This is when we quickly realized the uniqueness of the product and the possibilities that lie ahead. We have grown to serve individuals, buying clubs, local farm markets, restaurants, and health food stores.

June and July are busy months on the boat. The fishing season lasts approximately 5-7 weeks. Steve is the skipper of our 32’ boat, while Jenn, the first mate, and two other local men are deckhands. While on the boat, we listen to the radio to hear the official fishing periods. As we catch the salmon they are kept in refrigerated holds, making sure the quality is preserved. On average, every 10 hours we offload our fish onto a larger crab boat which takes the fish in for processing. It is quickly filleted, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed to capture the “direct from the boat” flavor. After fishing, the salmon is sent back to PA where we sell the salmon at local farm markets and other venues.


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Willow View Wholesome Foods

Willow Raises and ferments all their own vegetables on their family farm a couple miles from Dutch Meadows.

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Zerbes Potato Chips

Zerbes cooks all their potato chips in pork lard giving them that great crunchy flavor that is hard to find anymore.

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