The Thanksgiving Menu You've Been Waiting For

Whether you're sticking to the basics or trying something new this year, this sample menu has a little something for everyone, including a super simple side dish that requires no prep and always satisfies the appetites of your holiday guests. Happy Thanksgiving!

4 Natural Slow Cooker Recipes Boasting Flavor & Nutrition

Fall is undoubtedly slow cooker season. Farmers experience peak harvests and, as the days get shorter and temperatures get lower, we long for comfort and convenience in our meals. The slow cooker can churn out hearty dishes with ease, so there’s really no need to cut corners and fill them with processed ingredients.

Why You Need to Start Eating Duck Eggs

While the primary draw seemed to be for dietary restriction reasons, more and more customers have hopped on the duck egg train and eat them for pure enjoyment. Whether you're allergic or just curious, there are many reasons to give ducks eggs a chance. Duck eggs contain...

4 Summer Recipes That Bring Whole New Meaning to “Vacation”

Summer is here and that means vacation for many of our customers. The beautiful thing about vacation is, at its core, vacation is just about “the action of leaving something one previously occupied”. This means, even if you’re not darting off to a lake or beach house or local pool, you can still partake in vacation fun by enjoying rest and relaxation right at home.

Making Yogurt More Sustainable

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, an organization's’ walk should always come before their talk. However, it’s not uncommon for consumers to create a narrative in their minds about a product or service based solely on a brand’s well crafted message, with no regard to the brand’s day to day operations. At Dutch Meadows, we measure each operation against the goal to keep farming communities vibrant and to produce real, nutrient-dense, farm fresh food for the benefit of our health and the benefit of future generations to come. So, when we realized our yogurt division was not optimized for such a goal, we began to take steps to rectify it.

A Special Raw Milk Message From Sally Fallon

How about some education on raw milk? We are happy to announce that Sally Fallon, the president of the Weston A Price Foundation has agreed to be our co-writer to help us better explain the benefits of raw milk. So if you have a few minutes and want to dive deep into the educational side of raw milk, you've got to read this!

The Value Of Supporting Small Family Farms

It seems that whenever the mass food corporations see someone making money that they could be making they will do almost anything to put a stop to it. They really don't care if we farm organically, if we bottle fresh raw milk, or if we treat our animals with respect and never give them antibiotics or inject them with artificial hormones to make them grow faster. The only thing they really care about and do not like is the fact that we sell to the consumer. They think that all the money we work so hard to make could be theirs if they could only put us out of business.

4 Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Cheese

So what's so special about eating raw cheese? Well it's the flavor that you notice first. When chomping into a piece of cheese made from organic raw milk, you really taste the difference! There is a certain complexity about raw cheese that is noticed immediately after that first bite; and then you know you know you are onto something good! Now we'll share 4 of the greatest health benefits of raw cheese...

Shopping guide for Grass-fed Meats

Let`s start by taking a little shopping trip to our local Super Market or Local Grocery store. We are shopping for some great tasting grass-fed meat and just aching for something really good for the dinner table tonight. We pick up a great looking pack of Delmonico steaks that says they are grass-fed, take them home and prepare for the dinner table.