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The Dangerous Compromise That Too Many Americans Are Making

August 23, 2018

One question that continues to resurface in the food and agriculture world is,"Why are large conventional operations still in business if there so many people who don’t like the way they operate?"

It's simple folks. The reality is there aren't enough people who don't like the way they operate enough to make a smarter purchase. A majority of people are still willing to compromise quality for cheaper prices and ignore the issue at hand.

We all need to be thinking about the long term effect of their decisions. In addition to the scary economic and environmental issues, the consumer will  end up paying more for their poor decisions down the road in the form of doctor bills or supplements due to the low nutrient content in foods raised in irresponsible ways.

Do you think producers really have your best interest in mind when they inject their animals with antibiotics and artificial hormones? Or when they feed their animals fillers, like GMO grain and chicken guts? Would you rather buy milk from a CAFO farm who keeps their cows indoors every day lying in their own manure, or would you like to buy from a family farm where the cows get fresh pasture 2-4 times a day and lie contently out in the soft, green grass. The same goes for beef in feedlots vs. beef on pasture, chickens in barns vs. chickens on pasture, the list goes on and on.

Food fuels our bodies. Our bodies are all we have to make the most of this life. If you're not choosing responsible, chemical free food, you're not in control of your life, your childrens' lives, their future children...It's that simple.

We can't afford having reckless corporations in charge of supplying our families with food. Yet, every time someone buys their products they are casting a vote that keeps them in charge and gives them power to continue to operate in harmful ways. That power must be shifted to the local farmer, maker, and artisan. People who really care about their animals, the land, and the customers who buy the product.

In the end, this is a free country so the choice is yours.

But remember to never underestimate a small group of like minded people. It is the only way to bring about big changes.

Dave Stoltzfus

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