Shopping guide for Grass-fed Meats

May 17, 2017


Let`s start by taking a little shopping trip to our local Super Market or Local Grocery store. We are shopping for some great tasting grass-fed meat and just aching for something really good for the dinner table tonight. We pick up a great looking pack of Delmonico steaks that says they are grass-fed, take them home and prepare for the dinner table.

We bite into this grass-fed steak later and question the texture and taste of it? We start wondering why it is not flavorful like they say grass-fed should be, is this normal? Absolutely not!!"

Not all grass fed meats are alike - this term is not regulated and so we must know our farmer and their practices".

Did we do our research on this grass-fed steak that we bought earlier today? Very likely it was sourced from a farm where grain is the main diet and the cattle have some access to grass therefore it is legal to say grass-fed on the label claim. It said grass-fed but was also Grass-finished? Was it from a local Farmer that we recognize? If it was beef was it also 100% Grass-fed and finished meaning that the animal lived on pasture and was fed stored grasses and forages it`s entire lifetime? Was it raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO`s and soy?

These questions we just asked are very important to ask yourself when shopping for the best in quality pastured raised, grass-fed meats. Know your food, know your farmer!!

We hope this gives you some clarification on why grass-fed and grass finished meats are healthier and better for you. This is why we have partnered with local grass farmers that raise grass-fed livestock humanely and the way that nature intended to.  Our family farmers are very passionate about what they do for us and how they treat their land and animals. It gives us a peace of mind that we can offer you, the consumer, something unique that stands out in the Marketplace. 


Dave Stoltzfus

Dutch Meadows Raw Milk

Apr 20th, 2017