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The Thanksgiving Menu You've Been Waiting For

November 7, 2018

Some Thanksgiving dishes, like Turkey, Gravy, and Mashed Potatoes, are best enjoyed in a classic fashion. Although staple recipe may vary slightly from household to household, no matter your traditions, starting with real ingredients like Pastured Whole Turkey, Organic Homegrown Kennebec Potatoes, and Organic Raw Milk for your gravy, is a time tested method that delivers healthy and appetizing  results. This reigns true for your staples and for any new dishes that you may want to try on the side.

Maybe one of these options will make it on your Thanksgiving menu this year:

Shingled Sweet Potatoes

Caesar Cabbage Salad

Roasted Acorn Squash

Since you’re sure to have your hands full around the holidays we suspect you’ll appreciate this final side. No prep needed. Just purchase and pour. It’s always a crowd pleaser, too!

Organic Applesauce (no sweeteners added)

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