Raw Milk Cheese - Why You’ll Love It + 6 Recipes to Enjoy

If you’re not familiar with raw milk, you should definitely start there - meaning you need to read up on why raw milk is the best and then place an order for some. The raw milk factor is important because our organic 100% grass-fed raw milk is a superior product and it’s the main ingredient in our cheeses. As with all things in life, if you’re using superior ingredients, you’re destined to churn out superior products.

How to Use Zucchini - Recipes & Fun Facts

Zucchini season peaks in the summer and, let me tell you, farmers are in for it once it does. This is a rapidly growing vegetable that needs to be picked daily. The prickly parts of the plant make it bothersome to harvest in large quantities and will leave most people’s skin somewhat rashed if not covered properly. Still, it is a delicious and well-growing crop in our home state of Pennsylvania so it’s very common to see it in abundance from the area growers as early as mid-June.

5 Light & Satisfying Salads That Beat the Heat (Plus One Bonus Dish)

It can be easy to skip good meals in the summer when life seems to be forever on the go. Even in the age of a global pandemic, for those that are remaining at home, it’s likely you’re finding plenty to work on around the house or apartment, especially if you have a property to care for. Big or small, they just always seem to take up more time than we expect, and it’s not uncommon to resort to quick, unhealthy on-the-go snacks or takeout when you’re in DIY project mode, or another version of summer chaos.

Fresh Organic Spinach: FAQ, Health Benefits, and 9 Recipes

Spinach is one of those fresh seasonal vegetables we just can’t get enough of, which is okay because we essentially have an unlimited amount. Our crispy, organic spinach has REAL healthy goodness in every bite. It is organically grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful sprays. As with everything on our farm, and the family farms we work with, the spinach is raised naturally, with holistic health in mind, where the plant, the planet, our family and your family all benefit.

How Eating with the Seasons is a Vote for Holistic Health

Part of this includes growing with the seasons, instead of against them. In Pennsylvania, that time is now which is why our Produce Patch is overflowing with fresh, beyond organic produce from local farmers who DON’T USE chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or any harmful sprays. As a consumer, you can do your part by consuming and preserving as many of these seasonal goods as possible while they’re available. Preserving is especially critical since it can minimize the amount of produce consumed in the “off season”, which means less being trucked and shipped all over the world all year long and less intervention with how the planet naturally operates. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few recipes we found that make it easy to consume a lot of great produce when it’s in season and preserve some of your favorites, too.

What We Are Seeing: A Direct Message from Dave Stoltzfus

Don't you think we could all find something positive if we would be very still, just think, and listen for the small things. You might be surprised how many things you can think of... Try it! :) One of the most positive things I can think of right now is the motto we have attached to our REAL foods regenerative farm and that is...

Go Beyond Raw Milk: Time to Try Local, Organic Colostrum

Once you’ve had at least one taste, it doesn’t take long to fall in love with raw milk. However, whether you’re falling in love for the first time or have been in a long-term relationship, not all raw milk consumers branch beyond the delightful treat once they’re discovered it. Well, we really can’t blame them either. In addition to being simply delicious and packed with actual flavor, naturally produced thanks to responsible farming techniques, and not fake enhancements (and watered down ones at that), raw milk is a seriously healthy superfood. So much so, that it’s hard to imagine anything better.

The Benefits of Drinking Goat Milk

The good part is at least when you’ve made the first choice to buy from a business mindful of their impact, then the only thing to figure out from there is your personal preference. We encourage you to try as many different products as possible and we utilize our blog quite often as a space to educate you on the various types of products so you can make an educated decision of your own. So, if you found yourself contemplating what type of milk to buy, then you’re in luck today.

5 Raw Milk Success Stories That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

“Commodity raw milk and dedicated raw drinking milk are categorically different foods. It is clear that raw milk produced with the intention to be pasteurized is likely to contain dangerous pathogens. However, raw milk that is carefully produced for direct human consumption is subjected to rigorous testing and standards. Evidence has shown that this type of raw milk is a low-risk food.”

Ground Beef: History, Facts, and 4 Delicious Recipes to Try at Home

It is believed that ground beef came about in the 15th century, sometime between 1401 and 1500, although it was referred to as beef mince at that time. Many accept the idea that Mongolian and Turkic tribes were the first to create this treat, that now makes up roughly 42% of all beef eaten in the United States. Okay, so maybe 42% is not the stat you imagined would be tied to a style of meat that’s “starved for attention” but we’re still convinced it’s time to refresh the world’s love for ground beef and we believe these recipes are up for the challenge.

6 Real Food Recipes to Try this Memorial Day

It is the “unofficial start of summer” to many as well so there is plenty to be joyous about. Plus, as with most holidays, it is not complete without wholesome and nourishing cuisine. That’s where we come in! Here are just a few recipes worth trying this Memorial Day. We selected each one carefully and attempted to create a diverse array of treats, showcasing many flavors and foods. Of course, the key to perfecting any recipe or enjoying any dish is to use as much Real Food as possible, so be sure to stock up, before the stock is out, and have a blessed holiday!

What Do Cage Free and Free Range Actually Mean? And Which is Better?

To make matters worse, many large egg producers remove parts of hens’ beaks in the first few days of life. Some starve their birds to force molting (loss of feathers) to manipulate the laying cycle. And virtually all commercial operations are supplied by hatcheries that kill male chicks shortly after hatching (typically by grinding them alive), since they don't lay eggs and aren't bred to grow as large or as rapidly as chickens used in the meat industry.

Whoopie Pie 101 - The Name, the Filling, Some History, and a Recipe

Believe it or not, the whoopie pie has a deep, deep history, and there is some heated debate around the origin of this delicious dessert. There are some sources who say the pies were invented in a bakery in Maine but other sources that say it’s been a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition since (basically) the beginning of time. We don’t like to get into the details too much so we stick to what we know about whoops pies - they’re delicious and we love them, and we know you will too.

The Anti-Aging Health Benefit You Need from Grass Fed Products

Back in the day, our ancestors practiced a more “nose to tail” diet than the average consumer does today. In fact, many people are “grossed out” by this consumption methodology today but, if you’re talking about healthy, responsibly and naturally raised, grass fed meat, a lot of the good health benefits lie in the less common, gelatinous parts (think joints - yes, even chicken feet). This is one reason bone broth is regarded as such a positive addition to your diet, it’s a practical way to access those nutrients and pull them into a delicious and nutritious beverage.

Doorstep Delivery Means You Can Always Have Fun with Raw Milk at Home

Once you're hooked on enjoying raw milk in its natural state and as a critical ingredient in some of your favorite home-cooked meals, you may even begin replacing other unnatural dairy products in your household by using the raw milk as a staple ingredient. Of course, you can also consider shopping for those types of real food products, like cream, yogurt, and butter, in our store as well, but in case you’re looking for a way to create fun memories for your family while creating nutritious REAL FOOD, these simple DIY recipes are the way to go.

How to Make Easter Extra Special - Try These 9 Dinner & Side Dish Recipes

Yes, these are tough times but we have to find the slivers of light when they appear and having access to nutritious food is the first blessing to count. Knowing that purchasing that food supports small family businesses and a brighter future for our planet? Well those are just extra helpings of blessings at that point. Let’s round them all up and hold onto this feeling of gratitude as we go explore some new Easter recipes.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

If you use something, it naturally becomes worn down, right? Think of a pair of pants you’ve owned for a long time. Or even your favorite hat. Well, folks, the earth is the same way. For a long time, a large part of the conversation in agriculture was sustainability and sustainability is very important, but there has to be more to the picture.

4 One Pot Meals to Try at Home While You Attempt to Juggle it All

Life can feel hectic at times. Whenever this happens, it’s often a human instinct to cut corners on your diet. There are easier options that don’t require from-scratch ingredients so why not save myself some time and opt for those? The problem is that “easier” masquerades as “better” in the short term. Your nerves literally send a “happy signal” as a result of the time you saved.

Positive Thoughts from Dutch Meadows on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

There is no doubt in our minds that 100% of our customers are aware of the Coronavirus news by now. And, while there have even been some platforms pointing out the specific fact that an event like this can (already is) causing e-commerce sales to rise, we don’t ever feel the need to utilize mainstream news or events to promote our products. That being said, we’re also not remaining ignorant to what’s going on right now and we have taken some time to focus on the facts and focus on how Dutch Meadows meaningfully exists in this whole situation. So, here it is:

4 Marinades to Try with Dutch Meadows Boneless Chicken Breast

Chickens naturally enjoy scratching and pecking. It’s just their nature. And that’s what we let them do at Dutch Meadows in Paradise, PA. We even go the extra mile to ensure they have access to, not just pasture, but fresh pasture that hasn’t been overworked in any way - either by the chickens’ own pecking or other natural elements.