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Raw Milk Cheese - Why You’ll Love It + 6 Recipes to Enjoy

July 13, 2020

You may have heard that our Dutch Meadows’ Raw Milk Cheese is back in stock. We specifically just loaded up on Mild Cheddar, Tomato Basil (Top Seller), and Garlic-n-Chives Cheddars but we’ll have many more flavors and sizes coming soon. 

What makes Dutch Meadows’ Raw Milk Cheese so special?

If you’re not familiar with raw milk, you should definitely start there - meaning you need to read up on why raw milk is the best and then place an order for some. The raw milk factor is important because our organic 100% grass-fed raw milk is a superior product and it’s the main ingredient in our cheeses. As with all things in life, if you’re using superior ingredients, you’re destined to churn out superior products. 

When it comes to cheese, especially in an international sense, there are so many varieties and it can be really fun to taste your way through specialty selections from all parts of the world but those cheeses are not your “everyday” kind of cheeses. This is why Dutch Meadows cheeses are extra special. In addition to their superior ingredients and raw milk benefits, our cheeses are very versatile. Sure they can be sliced and paired thoughtfully for guests amongst a charcuterie display of sorts, but they also hold up just as well in your favorite dishes, and as a simple snack for you, the kids, friends, and whole family to nibble on. Better yet, no matter how you choose to enjoy it, you can also feel better about it because it’s a far FAR healthier choice than anything you could find at a local supermarket or grocery store.

Now’s the time to toss a little extra in your cart and explore these delicious ways to enjoy Dutch Meadows Raw Milk Cheese:

6 Ways to Enjoy Dutch Meadows Raw Milk Cheese 

Turkey & Cheese Cucumber Roll Ups

This is a delightful little snack that’s great when you need something to hold you over but don’t want to get too heavy. It also pleases a crowd and kids love them, too. Obviously substitute the american cheese listed with one of Dutch Meadows. The turkey really pairs better with cheddar anyway!

Honey Peach White Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese is a classic meal that just doesn’t go out of style and we love how this blogger uses a seasonal treat, like peaches, to put a delicious spin on the classic. We highly recommend snagging some basil and bacon from the store to kick it up a notch, too!

Ham & Cheese Macaroni Salad

Because is summer really complete without macaroni salad? Change up your old recipe and kick the store bought business to the curb.

Broccoli Fritters

You can really substitute all kinds of vegetables for the broccoli, if that’s not your thing. Zucchini also works very well, or anything that can be shredded, pulsed to bits in the processor, or diced very fine. These are always good to make in large batches and keep in the fridge for snacking throughout the week. They are even freezer friendly!

Yellow Squash Cheddar Biscuit

Another one that’s great to make in large quantities, especially when squash is in season in the summer. We love recipes like this (and the fritters) that marry healthy, fresh and local vegetables with our exceptional cheeses.

Campfire Caprese Brie

This one is a perfect summer cheese recipe for our famous camembert. Of course, you don’t really have to cook it over a fire. The combination of the brie-like cheese with fresh, local tomatoes and basil will blow you away.

Dave Stoltzfus

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