Why We Must Read Beyond the Headlines and Advocate for Real Food

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

August 24, 2020

As we pointed out in our last blog, which shared our feedback and communicated the importance of one farmer’s perspective on the raw milk debate, “The CDC data reports only two deaths from raw dairy products since 1972, and both of these deaths were associated with queso fresco.”

So relevant data is there in FAVOR of raw milk. Yet you’d be hard pressed to find one news report elevating the case for raw milk in a positive light. This is nothing new of course. It’s ongoing in fact, despite more and more data supporting the health benefits, not harm, of consuming raw milk. The latest research is no different. In fact, as the Raw Milk Institute shared in one of their regular raw milk updates, a recent government-funded study found ZERO pathogens in 594 raw milk samples. 

Even if COVID-19 and politics weren’t hogging the headlines right now, do you think something like that would ever make it mainstream? Maybe, but it would read more like this: “Reservoirs of antimicrobial resistance genes in retail raw milk”, which is exactly what the study was officially titled. The kicker?

“Antibiotic resistant genes are everywhere. They’ve been found in every environment, including pristine habitats that have been virtually untouched by humans such as Antarctica [2, 3].  They’re even found in the dust of buildings [4].”

In fact, breast milk even contains antibiotic resistant genes. So will they publish a study announcing that? Of course not. Does the average consumer know that? No. So the data is not false, just misleading, but that’s not illegal because it can be argued that the consumer should know about antibiotic resistant genes or at least “do their research”. This type of passing of misleading information is happening all the time, in many different industries, not just food and farming. However, the negative impact that can result in consumers absorbing and sharing misinformation pertaining to what we put in our bodies, and adhering to a particular lifestyle because of it, is alarming.

Why? Because we’re talking about what we put in our bodies. And we’re talking about being raised to trust groups and organizations that claim they will righteously serve us. Maybe they did at one time. But the mingling of politics and lobbyists within our food system has tainted the waters to a point that many believe is beyond repair. We’re remaining optimistic and relentless in our pursuit to rectify this industry, mainly because we have customers like you. We hope more and more folks stumble upon our blog, our site, and commit, as you have, to voting for real food, a just food system, a better world. And we hope you’ll help point them there, remind them to read beyond the headlines and the food labels, encourage them to vote for a better world not just at the polls but with their dollars.

As always, wishing you many blessings in good health!

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