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5 Raw Milk Success Stories That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

May 18, 2020

We have access to A LOT of information these days. A simple Google search will present you with arguments for both ends of the raw milk spectrum. The problem with these arguments though, is that they compare apple to apples - raw milk to pasteurized milk.

So, why can’t you compare raw milk to pasteurized milk?

As the Raw Milk Institute clearly puts it in their extremely helpful tool, a Letter to Medical Professionals about Raw Milk:

“Commodity raw milk and dedicated raw drinking milk are categorically different foods. It is clear that raw milk produced with the intention to be pasteurized is likely to contain dangerous pathogens. However, raw milk that is carefully produced for direct human consumption is subjected to rigorous testing and standards. Evidence has shown that this type of raw milk is a low-risk food.”

Even with this approach in mind, we know there are a handful of people who have had bad raw milk experiences. We haven’t had any at our farm but we think of it this way:

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Guess what? There are people out there who hate that restaurant because they had a bad meal there. So you’re going to swear it off now? This is just how life goes.

The most important thing to remember is that positive experiences shouldn’t be silenced just because there are a couple bad apples in the batch. With this approach in mind, we thought it’d be fun to round up a few of those positive raw milk stories in one place - right here on our blog. Dig in and let these joyful experiences be your medicine for the day.


This woman added raw milk to her diet, and cut back on many other processed foods, in search of a remedy for her husband’s high triglycerides and Crohn’s Disease.


This vegan woman began consuming unpasteurized dairy (especially raw milk cheese) and unpasteurized yogurt, in addition to butter, bone broths, liver, sauerkraut, fermented grains and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables during pregnancy in an effort to improve the growth of her baby.


There are 7 testimonies to raw milk on this page, including someone who lowered their diastolic blood pressure; another individual who managed a chronic bladder condition and severe anemia; and a lifelong pilot who was finally able to rectify sinus and pressure issues at the age of 50.


Chris Kresser fought and won a long battle with chronic illness through careful and dietary decisions, then established a program to make sure his experience would benefit so many others living with chronic pain.


These kids’ eczema began to improve after just two weeks when their mother introduced raw milk into their diets. It completely cleared within 6 months.

We never get tired of hearing stories like this and are so grateful to be given the opportunity to provide such relief for so many consumers on a daily basis. If you have a personal experience of your own, please consider sharing it in the comments or emailing the farmers info@dutchmeadowsfarm.com.

As always, we wish you many blessings and good health!

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