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The Benefits of Drinking Goat Milk

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

May 26, 2020

Without a healthy planet, animals and plants cannot be healthy, and therefore mankind cannot be healthy. Putting nature first is the single most important choice that we need to make daily. That often means avoiding grocery stores and what has become conventional products but you’re in luck because there are a lot of other ways to access real food these days. However, those ways often present even more layers of options. We carry 3 types of eggs for example.

The good part is at least when you’ve made the first choice to buy from a business mindful of their impact, then the only thing to figure out from there is your personal preference. We encourage you to try as many different products as possible and we utilize our blog quite often as a space to educate you on the various types of products so you can make an educated decision of your own. So, if you found yourself contemplating what type of milk to buy, then you’re in luck today.

We’ve covered a lot of raw cow milk information in the past but today is all about goat milk. Here are the questions you may be asking yourself before making a goat dairy purchase and the corresponding answers, too!

What are the benefits of drinking raw goat milk?

Some people that are allergic to cow dairy or sensitive to the lactose in cow dairy can still enjoy goat dairy without any discomfort. Goat milk is not lactose free but there are differences in the milk’s butterfat content, lactose, and protein content, which could be the reason that certain individuals tolerate it more than cow milk. Additionally, goat milk has high levels of short and medium-chain fatty acids, which act as metabolism boosters and provide quick energy for the body. Goat milk also contains more potassium than cow milk, is high in protein, and Dutch Meadows goat milk is not overly processed like conventional nut milks or goat milks you find at the store.

Is raw goat milk better than cow milk?

This really varies from person to person. We should all be tuned in to how our bodies react to what we put in them. That being said, there are many cases of consumers being able to tolerate goat milk when their digestive systems were not quite as welcoming to cow’s milk. Environmentally speaking, dairy goats require less water per gallon of milk produced than most other livestock raised for dairy and goats produce nearly 20 times less methane per kilogram of body weight than dairy cows.

Can raw goat milk be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze goat milk. It’s recommended that you don’t keep it frozen longer than a month, if possible, and that once it is defrosted, you use it within 3 days. You may experience separation when using defrosted goat’s milk, which does not tend to happen with the fresh raw goat milk but that’s perfectly fine.

What can you make from raw goat milk?

Raw goat milk can be used just like raw cow’s milk. You can drink it as is - so rich and creamy. You can make yogurt, ice cream, buttermilk, and there are even some recipes for making skin care products from goat’s milk, like soap!

Is raw goat milk lactose free?

No, raw goat's milk DOES CONTAIN lactose. This is why if you have severe lactose intolerance, it should be avoided. However, there are many counts of goat milk lactose being easier to digest than cow's milk so it’s worth a shot if you’re having issues (or even if you’re not - it’s a mighty tasty treat!).

Maybe raw goat milk is for you. You'll never know unless you try it for yourself. Check it out, and other extraordinary dairy products, in the Dutch Meadows’ store.

As always, we wish you many blessings and good health!

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