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Why You Need to Start Eating Duck Eggs

August 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered why so many people are switching to duck eggs and what is so great about them?

One of our neighboring farmers was producing duck eggs for their family and had interest in selling them so we felt that was the perfect opportunity to try something new and diversify our product line, to create better options for our customers. We didn't have many other expectations than adding a new offering so we were honestly quite surprised when people started showing up at our farm store saying they heard we are selling duck eggs and they need them for health reasons. That's when we discovered that some people are allergic to chicken eggs and their body is not able to digest them.

While the primary draw seemed to be for dietary restriction reasons, more and more customers have hopped on the duck egg train and eat them for pure enjoyment. Whether you're allergic or just curious, there are many reasons to give ducks eggs a chance. Duck eggs contain

  • 7% less water
  • 29% more energy
  • 21% more calcium
  • 110% more Iron
  • 42% more magnesium

This data was pulled from a USDA study and there are further details on the comparison of duck and chicken eggs available within the report. If you're considering trying duck eggs, make sure you're acquiring them from a quality, reliable source.

Our family duck farmer strives to bring you the best in quality, taste and texture. Their ducks have free access to roam outdoors and are fed a GMO free diet of grain with plenty of fresh green grass this time of year. Nothing is more fun than watching animals run out on pasture, pecking at bugs, stretching and flapping their wings with plenty of room to roam and not having to be packed inside a stinky smelly barn every single day of their life. The goal with Dutch Meadows and all our family farms is to keep their habitat as natural as possible. So, if you are allergic to chicken eggs or just simply want to try something exciting, it's time to explore duck eggs.

Dave Stoltzfus

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