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Foundation Proteins & How They Make Back to School Meals a Breeze

August 23, 2018

Sign this paper, pick me up at this time, purchase these books. Does this back to school shuffle sound oh-so-familiar? If so, then you may want to consider working foundation proteins into your weekly meals.

Foundation proteins are built on the meal planning concept except, instead of making and consuming the same meal many times throughout one week, foundation proteins allow for meal diversity, creativity, and nutrition, which is greatly appreciated by anyone who hates to sacrifice quality for convenience. Yes, you can have both!

If you can prepare a protein in bulk using an elementary recipe, then you can give this method a try. Think simple - olive oil or butter, salt, and pepper, then cook. Once the foundation protein is created in bulk, you can easily dress it up throughout the week. Simply choose a few of your tried and true recipes and add/swap in one of the prepared proteins or find inspiration in the suggestions below.

Why Dutch Meadows Foundation Proteins?

The ability to prepare your weekly protein in bulk is a benefit you'll receive no matter how you source your bulk product. We get that. However, there are undoubtedly additional benefits you’ll receive when sourcing your ingredients from Dutch Meadows:

  • Quality and nutrition - all products are GMO Free, Soy Free, Artificial Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Grass-fed, Organically Pastured, and Humanely Raised.
  • Investment - keep your money in your local economy by sharing it with a family of farms.
  • Affordable - by cutting out several “middle men” of the food supply chain, we can offer a competitive price on a high quality product. When you purchase in bulk from Dutch Meadows, the value is even better!
  • Convenience - order as much protein as you like from one trustworthy source, without having to make an extra trip to the corporate grocer or visiting several farms and specialty stores.

Time to get started! 

  1. Review the foundation protein recipes HERE and some of our suggested meal ideas below.
  2. Purchase your proteins and any other ingredients that are applicable and available in the Dutch Meadows Shop (psssst, we have Produce now).
  3. Find one day a week (Sunday late afternoon and evening are a common choice among “meal planners”) to prep your meat and any other timely element to the week’s recipes i.e. chopping vegetables, mixing homemade sauces.
  4. Enjoy!

Fun Ways to Use Your Foundation Proteins

Click through the links below for examples and some direction, or let your culinary creativity steer the way! Sub in a foundation protein of your choice into whatever recipe you end up following.

Protein-Grain Bowl

Stir Fry





Cod Cakes




BONUS: freeze the prepared protein in an airtight container if you have any leftover at the end of the week.

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