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$250 Farmer Donation

$250 Farmer Donation

$250 Farmer donation to support and educate our local family farmers
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Ever feel like you want to support your family farmers more than just purchasing real pasture raised, nutrient dense foods from them? Here is your chance! We are accepting donations to help educate and teach conventional farmers in our local area to make the transition to a pasture based, beyond organic, healthy soil building, land healing and family friendly farm.

We have local farmers asking us how they can do this or how to find a market for this kind of niche product and we feel compelled to help or teach them in any way we can because it's what we do and believe in. But sometimes they just need a little more cash to get started like putting up fences, reseed grass, or buy livestock that is already pasture based. Away with chemicals, harmful pesticides, growth hormones, conventional farming and disrupting healthy soil.  You get the point right?

Help us support them with your donation today to make the biggest difference in promoting small family friendly farming in local farm communities and healing our land the way God designed it to.