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Dutch Favorites Meat Bundle

Dutch Favorites Meat Bundle

Variety of favorite meats

Taste Of The Farm - Bulk Discount

If you love a great deal, this bundle is for you! We selected a few of our favorite meats to create the "Dutch Favorites Mixed Meat Bundle". Plus at the same time you are able to save money while stocking your freezer! :)

Meats included:

2 pk Ground Beef, 1 lb. each

2 pk 6oz Patties, 2 per pack

2 pk Bone-in Rib Eye Steak, 1 lb. each

2 pk Chuck Tender Steak, 8 oz. each

1 pk Chicken Breast, 1.5 lb. each

1 pk Chicken Leg n' Thigh, 1.65 lb.

1 pk Bone-in Fresh Ham Steak, 1.2 lb.

1 pk Smoked Ham Steak, 1 lb. each

1 pk Country Style Grillers, 1 lb.

2 pk Pork Sage Sausage Patties

2 pk Salmon Portions, 5 oz. each

Note: Weights mentioned above are only an estimate. 

PLEASE NOTE: Variety may change to match availability.