Try the SAMPLER BUNDLE today as the perfect way to get acquainted with and graze a few of our most popular products.


Yummy Chocolate Cake
How about some yummy, healthy, chocolate cake with pastured eggs, raw milk, and grass-fed buttermilk? Try this recipe for some great tasting chocolate cake you won't be able to resist! Great for that special birthday party, anniversary dinner, or really, any special occasion!
Whole Chicken
Roast your pastured chicken the old fashioned way, how your grandma used to. When it comes to feeding your family healthy chicken, choose pastured, free range, GMO free, Soy Free, from your local farmer. Taste the difference!
Grass Fed Beef Liver And Onions
This recipe is a great way to include more beef liver in your diet as it is high in iron and has many other health benefits. I even enjoy serving fried liver on a healthy sandwich roll with a little grass-fed butter and raw milk cheese!