The Other Eggs: Try These When Chicken Eggs Are Not For You

July 18, 2019

There are many reasons one might not eat chicken eggs. Some individuals possess allergies, some need to keep an eye on their cholesterol levels (but this typically means you should be avoiding cholesterol in processed foods that doesn’t occur naturally, not the kind we find in pastured, free-range eggs), and some are simply just not fond of the taste.

While you may have reason for removing chicken eggs from your diet, you don’t have to remove the egg entirely and miss out on some truly delightful meals and dishes that call for the yolky delight.

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are going to be your best option as an egg alternative for any of the reasons mentioned above, even allergies! There have been some instances where an allergic reaction still occurs but most find that they don’t have the same type of discomforts that come with eating chicken eggs. The only way to know is to try and it’s always a good idea to check with your preferred health professional about your interest in trying the eggs, despite your allergy. 

If you’re a baker, you’ll especially appreciate swapping in duck eggs for chickens because the duck eggs are higher in both fat and albumen (egg white), which makes for fluffier and richer baked goods. The nutritional benefits are another great reason to consider duck eggs as they contain 6 times the Vitamin D, 2 times the Vitamin A, more Vitamin K2 (as MK-4), 2 times the beneficial, natural cholesterol, and the water-soluble B vitamins are 5 times higher, too.

One thing to research further, despite what type of egg you’re buying, is the bird’s diet, which is possible when you buy directly from the farmer. Our pastured duck eggs are soy-free and many of our duck egg customers are allergic to chicken eggs and do just fine on these eggs. Our ducks also roam freely outside and are fed with a soy free and non-GMO feed. We never use any pesticides, artificial hormones or antibiotics so you can buy eggs and feel good knowing your purchase will go to support a farmer who not only cares about his animals, but works hard to make sure you and your family can enjoy a healthy egg for breakfast.

Dave Stoltzfus

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