Dozen Duck Eggs

Dozen Duck Eggs

1 dozen - CORN & SOY FREE

Many first time customers arrive here wondering "why duck eggs?". There are many nutritional benefits as well as culinary benefits that come from the particular composition of a duck egg, but we often find that people are drawn toward duck eggs while in search of an alternative to chicken eggs, often due to an allergy or discomfort.

In addition to meeting your allergy or culinary needs, these eggs check many other boxes since they're derived from ducks who freely
roam on a rich, natural pasture making for happy and healthy animals who produce delightful eggs. These eggs, in comparison to chicken eggs, contain 6 times the Vitamin D, 2 times the Vitamin A, more Vitamin K2 (as MK-4), 2 times the beneficial, natural cholesterol, and the water-soluble B vitamins are 5 times higher, too. When you buy from Dutch Meadows, you're receiving the additional piece of mind knowing that the feed necessary for supplementing the ducks' diet is soy free, corn free, and NON-GMO.

Lastly, if you’re a baker, you’ll especially appreciate swapping in duck eggs for chicken eggs because the duck eggs are higher in both fat and albumen (egg white), which makes for fluffier and richer baked goods. The nutritional benefits are another great reason to consider! Here you can buy eggs and feel good knowing your purchase will go to support a farmer who not only cares about his animals, but works hard to make sure you and your family can enjoy healthy meals at home.

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