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Mushroom Defense

Mushroom Defense

4 oz. Glass Bottle
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Mushroom defense is a glycerine based herbal syrup formulated with adaptogenic mushrooms. Not only is this great for immune support but it's also a great option for those that have an autoimmune condition. When dealing with autoimmune or EBV for example, taking immune stimulants like elderberry can kick your immune system into overdrive, whereas medicinal mushrooms will help to up-regulate & down regulate the immune system as needed. Medicinal mushrooms host a ton of other benefits ranging from liver support, to cognitive function to mood support. It's also a kid friendly formula!

Suggested Dose:

Take 1mL, 1-3 time per day, or as needed.


Maitake Mycelia*, Reishi Mycelia*, Turkey Tail mycelia*, Chaga mycelia*, Cordyceps mycelia*, Shiitake Mycelia*, Lions Mane mycelia*, Poriacocos mycelia*, Fomes fomentarius mycelia*, Agaricus Blazel Mycelia*, Mesima Mycelia*, Tremella Mycelia*, Velvet foot mycelia* Zhu Ling Mycelia (Polyporus umbellatus)* Other ingredients: Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Deionized Water *Organic