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Almond Delight Chocolate Bark Thins

Almond Delight Chocolate Bark Thins

4 oz. Package

These organic chocolate bark thins have quickly become a staff favorite. Not only are the ingredients organic (with the exception of the Celtic Sea Salt, which cannot be certified organic), but the nuts are all presoaked!

Why Pre-soaked Nuts?

Soaking increases digestive enzymes, produces vitamin C, increases vitamin B content, especially B2, B5, and B6.*

Suplee Hollow Cereals is a family owned business that has been licensed by the Pa Dept. of Agriculture to produce high quality cereals since 2011. Only the finest ingredients are used to produce our cereal and granola bars.

*Information from Nourishing Traditions Cookbook.


Dark Chocolate, Coconut Sugar, Presoaked Almonds, Coconut Ghee, Celtic Sea Salt