Why Choose Local Turkey from a Small Responsible & Natural Farmer

October 15, 2019

Our turkeys are raised all natural, in the most literal and authentic use of that word, on pasture. They live happily off the land, plus a supplemental diet free of soy and contains no GMOs. This makes for the best tasting turkey you'll ever have! Truthfully, that’s something we can guarantee. As long as things don’t get too out of hand during the prep stage. There are many ways to prepare a turkey. This age-old method, known as spatchcooking, is one of our favorites, and pairs perfectly with our heritage breed turkeys. Although, as long as you don’t end up with a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation scenerio then we promise you can follow your preferred cooking method and still end up with the best meal ever, simply because you started with a better product. 

Our turkeys come fresh with all the giblets included. We do our best to get as close to the average size as possible, but we need a size window to work with because we don’t over-process these and can't guarantee the exact size. When turkeys are raised in tiny feedlots, with poorly modified diets, and processed on a packing line, it enables these big box brands, like Butterball, to unethically pump out the turkeys you find in a mainstream grocery store that are, within the confinements of a particular brand, all relatively the same weight, color, etc. If you’re unsure of what type of unethical methods they utilize (and you have a strong stomach), this Op Ed from the LA Times, involving a subject that actually went undercover at Butterball some years ago, will give you a VERY clear idea of unethical.

The truth is, similar to people, turkeys are all unique. Unlike humans they obviously have more restrictions on their diets and environment, even when raised ethically, so the lack of extreme variables means we can offer a range of weights but not a single weight. Still, if you have a specific preference in pounds, please make a note on your order and we will do the best we can to match it.

As we approach the holidays during what is arguably one of the more hostile times for the meat industry than ever before, we believe it’s our duty to remind you, and more importantly encourage you to remind others, that not all meat is created and treated equally. Be weary of the “meat free” propaganda. The safest bet is to choose from a transparent source you can trust. Simply put, if you can’t look at the farmer(s) in the eye, or call or email them directly, it’s safe to say you’re better off finding another source. We plan on being that “other source” for as long as we possibly can and look forward to sending our products into hundreds of homes this holiday season.

Dave Stoltzfus

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