What Is "Seasonal Winter" Chicken?

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

March 14, 2024

So let’s think about seasonal chicken… As we all know to raise pastured chicken there is a seasonal time frame that we can consider our chicken to be truly pastured and that is May through October...

But with our supply running low plus we had seen it coming, getting creative on how we could continue to provide high quality chicken without disrupting a supply to our faithful customers was a high priority. We do have increased costs this year but for the “seasonal winter chicken” we decided to keep prices the same for now… :)

We had considered just being out of chicken for a few months but with our faithful customers in mind, we wanted to offer something very similar.

So we are going to very transparent about what we have decided to offer as a solution. And to be very clear, we will be offering our normal pastured chicken in May or June! Plus we hope to produce enough this year that we can offer pastured all the way into the 2025 season.

So here’s how it works: These chickens are the same breed (Cornish Cross), are fed the same feed which is soy free, corn free, chemical free, GMO free, and no junk whatsoever! The only difference is they get lots of certified organic hay along with their diet of feed. And plenty of fresh water as well!

They live in spacious barns that allow more room per bird than standard chicken barns would offer with 12” deep bedding consisting of sawdust and hay with plenty of light to keep it as natural as possible.


In comparison to beef, we do feed a lot of stored grasses in the wintertime in place of the grass which can have the same effects in terms of flavor and consistency. That being said, there is truly nothing like REAL pastured meat in season but we do feel we have something similar to offer for a solution at this time!

You can click here to shop for our REAL "Seasonal Winter Chicken"

We welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns at any time...

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