UPS Home Delivery Order Deadline Explained

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

March 18, 2024

UPS Home Delivery Order Deadline has Changed!

Folks, this is a permanent change that may affect the way you have been ordering from us! Please read the frequently asked questions below to see how this might affect you...

How does this changed order deadline affect me as a customer?

So order deadlines have changed for UPS Home delivery and is now Thursday nights at 11:59PM (midnight). Orders ship out Monday or Tuesday the following week. UPS 2-Day Air orders are always shipped Mondays and delivered Wednesdays. UPS Ground orders are shipped Monday or Tuesday and delivered by Thursday.

When will my order be delivered?

Your delivery date that's noted on your order confirmation email means that your order will be delivered by that day, or the day before. You will receive an email with your tracking number once the order is processed... Remember, for UPS 2-Day Air customers, they will be delivered Wednesdays as this has a set schedule here at Dutch meadows and with UPS. Unless there is a delay of course! :)

Why so much time from order deadline until delivery day?

Remember, we are not a warehouse full of oversupply product that has been sitting around and ready to ship at moments notice. As small farmers, we do plan ahead for the year on what and how much we need produced then typically harvest periodically throughout the year. Now to give us abundant time to prep for your orders we need time to bottle milk, pull meats from inventory, pick fresh veggies, and make sure fresh product is stocked many other vendors and farmers

Can I place an order after deadline?

This is not recommended whatsoever. If we accept any late orders after the deadline and before 8AM the next day you will need to pay a late fee of $10 (effective as of 3/21/24) for the inconvenience to our very streamlined and tight schedule. Please note: No late orders or order changes accepted after 8AM past deadline, no exceptions.

Remember, you are our valued customer and our goal is to bring you fresh, quality, REAL foods while streamlining the whole process from soil and farm > to process > to pack > to your table!

Questions? Just call us at 717-442-9208 ext 0 for customer service

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