Taking Pastured Pork To A Whole New Level

November 11, 2022

Taking Pastured Pork To A Whole New Level...

Today we will be featuring our all new line of CORN & SOY free pork! This has been in the making for quite awhile already and we finally have our inventory of pastured pork at 100% for Corn and Soy free.

Our pigs live a very happy life in pasture, some woodland, and get all the skim milk they want! They have plenty of dirt areas in which to wallow around in, a natural "happy" thing for pigs. :)

WHY Corn Free?

With so many requests over the past year or two it definitely made sense to pursue this option. There are those with corn allergies, and of course we all know that corn is very hard to by as truly organic or chemical free in this day in age where its normal to dump chemicals on corn conventionally! :(

And according to what we've seen the last year or two in testing this, we can easily do without corn! Plus the other small grains that we use instead like barley, peas, or wheat is not genetically modified like corn!

So in all reality, it's much healthier without corn, resulting in a clean product for you and your family...

Below you will see a shot of our pigs in their total glory, a jungle type area with plenty of dirt to roll around in!

Here's another shot of them, taking a morning stroll in their "natural" habitat! :)

Now how about commercial CAFO pigs? Just take a look at the picture below, that's all you need to get an idea how those pigs live! Really folks, there is no comparison!

So now you got a glimpse into the life of our CORN/SOY free pigs. We definitely love sharing photos of life on the farm including the animals so you can see what it looks like behind the scene!

Now for the product side of things:

We do have a large variety of pork in stock including freshly made sausages (some sugar free), sugar free Hams and Bacon, Ribs and Roasts, and of course organs, feet, and more!

As always, we thank you for your continued support, your belief in us as your REAL farmers, and your desire to help our larger community of REAL sustainable like-minded farmers. Lets keep building the legacy for our next generations in a positive way! :)

From your farmer,

Dave at Dutch Meadows

Dave Stoltzfus

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