Summer Photo Tour

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

August 1, 2023

Wow, it's August already! Are we enjoying each moment of the season as it flies by? For me I know it takes effort to make sure I actually enjoy each moment to the fullest. Do you know what happens to life if you don't pay a whole lot of attention?

It goes on... :)

So today I decided to share a few summer photos from the farm, or in other words a mini farm tour eh? Take a look!

***Summer Photo Tour***

So here you will see our Dutch Belt cows enjoying the shade on a hot summer day. These cows prefer nothing else over being outside on grass whenever possible, it's the way it was meant to be! :)

Here's the guard dog for the layer chickens, faithfully at his post and watching for predators. Nothing is better than seeing pastured chickens doing their thing, scratching around for bugs and foraging in lush green grass! Makes for the best eggs around... :)

Here you'll see the meat chickens truly in their paradise! These chickens get moved twice a day to fresh grass for a new "salad bar" every time! Our chickens are free from Chemicals, GMO's, Soy, Corn, Growth Hormones, or any junk for that matter!

Black Angus beef cattle, that's what we see here! 100% grass fed and finished, no grain ever! These cattle are raised down on Baucom Beef Farm (our beef partner) in North Carolina, until they are about a year old. Which we then bring them to our farms here in Lancaster county to finish them out on our lush pastures until they are about 24-30 months old... Talk about serious quality in terms of genetics and conformation with these cattle! You'll definitely see the difference in the texture and marbling of our 100% grass fed that we offer! :)

Next we have the pigs in woodland/pasture combination which is how they prefer it. This gives them all the dirt they need to wallow in, shade for warmer days, and grass to forage on when they prefer. They also get lots of skim milk from the creamery which gives pork a boost in flavor! Corn/Soy free, chemical free, GMO free, junk free, and pastured! What more would you ask for?

Here we have beehives on our own farm that Welsh Mountain Apiaries manages. He does a swell job of it too and makes sure that no chemicals are used, and that the bees are not fed High Fructose Corn Syrup like some commercial bee operations would! Look for our own farm honey in the online store!

How about meat ducks anyone? This is fairly new for us yet but it's working out really well so far! You may have noticed that we do now offer meat ducks on our website as well... These meat ducks are mobile-pastured, GMO free, Soy/Corn free, chemical free, and free of growth hormones! What a fine delicacy!

Here's a shot of our layer ducks which are raised about the same as above! Have you ever tried duck eggs? Find out more on duck eggs by clicking here...

And finally, here is an updated photo on the progress of our brand new farm store! Some of you have probably seen earlier updates regarding our progress as well! We look forward to announcing a Grand Opening sometime in September, stay tuned!

So there you go, we tried to get you enough pictures that might have given you a glimpse of life on the farm in the summertime! Another thing that's been getting a lot of traction recently is our updates on Instagram. You can click here to see our profile or to start following. Lots of great content and discussion on there! :)

Wishing you the best of food and blessings,
Dave at Dutch Meadows farm

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