Stop Asking if Raw Milk is Safe

October 3, 2019

We’ve arrived back at the raw milk debate. But it’s hard to avoid when the news is riddled with stories of milk farmers struggling and consumer health issues rising. We can’t help but reiterate one common denominator that lies at the root of this ongoing discussion - industry regulations and practices that restrict farmers from selling natural products and restrict consumers’ from obtaining raw milk directly from their farmers.

We are tired of the question being asked “is raw milk safe?” when really the statement should be made that “milk from commercially raised cows is dangerous to consume”. Unless it’s pasteurized. But there’s no need for pasteurization if you avoid the commercial methodology of raising cattle (and other dairy animals) all together.

Look at it this way, most often the argument is “pasteurization is necessary to kill harmful bacteria in milk” but the fact of the matter is that bad bacteria wouldn’t exist in the first place if the animal was raised holistically, on a diet that the animal would naturally consume even without human intervention.

In commercial farming, foreign substances and diets are introduced, such as unnatural, high-protein soy- and corn-based feed, along with shots of BGH (bovine growth hormone) factory-farmed animals are routinely fed. This diet is so contrary to their biology that it causes severe illnesses that can only be combated by continually injecting the cows with antibiotics. But we would never want to consume those antibiotics and any other bacteria that may have formed and/or thrived due to the circumstances, so regulations are put in place to “protect” the consumer from these substances. The same substances that were put there by reckless farming techniques.

Raw milk has been highly successful in curing diseases and ailments, from eczema to high blood pressure. Yet, due to regulations, many consumers who would benefit from raw milk’s nutritional and medicinal properties have no way of accessing them in the first place. It's a vicious cycle. And keeps us in a constant state of frustration and perplexity. All we can continue to do is operate our business in the way we know is best for our family, our customers, our animals, the land, and our community. We hope you’ll continue your part by purchasing from small, responsible farmers, sharing facts, and spreading the good word to your friends, family, and fellow neighbors.

Dave Stoltzfus

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