RECAP: Beyond Organic Or Fake Organic

May 20, 2022

I hope this finds everyone well this wonderful, late Spring day! Summer is definitely just around the corner! :)

So today I will be recapping on an email we sent out over a month ago regarding Organic certification. If you have not read the previous email we sent out you can do so here.

But we also wanted to clarify a few things as well beings a few of you asked some really great questions. So here goes...

Vaccination? Organic does allow this to some degree but we do none.

100% Grass fed? This is not required be we do it anyway! Our dairy cows are not fed any grain whatsoever!

Organic Pesticides? Believe it or not, Organic does allow organic pesticides/herbicides, but is there really such a thing? We strictly prohibit any kind of chemicals, pesticides, or commercial fertilizer on our dairy farms.

Outside on grass? Somewhat required but not enforced by organic standards. Our cows? See the picture below to see how our cows live other than going in the barn for milking twice a day or when inclement weather hits.

I think this kind of list could get pretty long so I think you get the point. We are just trying to give you an idea on how confusing Organic standards can be.

Don't get me wrong, we do support certified organic in the food industry but as to what we have control over, it makes way more sense to just go "Beyond Organic" without all the hassle and paperwork that only aligns with minimal organic.

Speaking of "Beyond Organic", somebody even mentioned starting a certification for "Beyond Organic". Lol... Maybe someday, who knows?

Dave Stoltzfus

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