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Ode to the Chuck Roast: 6 Ways to Prepare this Perfect Comfort Food for Fall

September 4, 2019

Like Brisket, the Chuck Roast’s flavor and tender texture really shine when cooked low and slow. We all know fall is the perfect time to get out the crockpot. Truthfully, we use ours year-round but there’s something about that nip in the air that just makes the whole slow cooker experience a tad more enjoyable. So with the new season on the horizon we thought there was no better time than any to celebrate this exquisite cut of meat.

Chuck is primarily cut in a rectangular fashion from the shoulder region, which can be done with or without the bone. It is referred to on our farm as the ultimate choice for BBQ sandwiches - a culinary experience worth having with (and only with) 100% grass fed beef. But the beauty of the Chuck Roast extends beyond its flavor and texture. Being a crockpot all star, this particular cut is simplistic and versatile so it’s really a double win--taste and convenience--satisfying both those on the preparing side and the enjoying side. It fits the bill when you’re in “I don’t know what to make” mode AND “I want to make something special” mode. 

One of the best parts is that Dutch Meadows’ Chuck Roast is available in a 6 Pack Bulk Buy, which means you save big time, especially when we add an extra discount, which we do from time to time. Each 100% grass fed boneless Beef Chuck Roast is approximately 2 to 3 lbs., raised on pasture, and free from GMO, SOY, antibiotics and hormones. The quality is there in every product and you need not fret about the quantity because Chuck Roast is extremely versatile. Once you’re done trying it our favorite way, as BBQ sandwiches (customize to your liking but recipes more or less follow this structure), give these 5 other options a spin:

Spicy Indian Roast

Thai Style Pot Roast with Egg Noodles

Pot Roast with Orange and Dates

Stracotto di Manzo (Italian Pot Roast)

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