mRNA Vaccines? Not At Dutch Meadows!

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

April 18, 2023

Wow, past the middle of April already! Time is moving right along isn't it? :) We are having great Spring weather and with that lush green grass making for tasty, nutrient-dense meat and dairy products...
OK, now for my message today...

  * mRNA On Our Farm? NO! *

So it seems like this topic (mRNA), has the hot seat right now eh? If you are not familiar with what this is, you probably will be very soon! In other words it seems like it is some kind of "gene editing" through foods. Or maybe they're trying to get the folks that haven't taken the mRNA jab over Covid to get it somehow through foods? Yuck, let's just steer clear folks!

Anyway, we are getting multiple requests from customers every single day right now regarding this "supposedly new" mRNA technology. And you have every right to ask, as this is part of our education and transparency to you, from the farmer. Someone even said "this might sound crazy but do you vaccinate your livestock"? Folks, this is not a crazy question!

Straight to the point: We do not use mRNA and never will! We do not allow vaccines period!

Will it become mandatory? I would have a hard time believing that... Here is a statement from USDA spokesperson Marissa Perry: “It is a personal and business decision left up to the producer and will remain that way.” To read more on the article click here.
If the push ever comes that it would be mandatory, I believe there would be enough push back from REAL farmers and REAL consumers alike, that would give us a workaround.

The most disturbing part of this whole thing right now is the fact that these mRNA vaccines were already being used. But hopefully this new labeling law that is being presented in Missouri right now would set a great template for the US to hopefully avoid this...

The big catch here that can be misleading is a lot of the bigger meat operations will quickly turn around and assure you that they will not be implementing this "mRNA technology". But what they may not tell you is that they do use other vaccines routinely as well!

Wait, really? I am afraid that is the misleading part here folks, vaccines are actually normal for some operations! Maybe it's a good thing this "mRNA" issue is getting some exposure to make consumers aware of this vaccine junk?

I know of certified organic dairies that actually use vaccines on their cattle, because USDA organic rules allow it! I know, it sounds crazy but it is the truth... If you raise your livestock the right way with nature, you should never have to vaccinate. If sickness becomes a problem, then treat it naturally!

The solution? Stay away from product with misleading labels and claims at the regular grocery store! There are still options to obtain quality vaccine-free meats from small health food stores, just seek it out! But even more so directly from REAL farmers you trust!

Don't be afraid to ask your farmers that you buy direct from if they vaccinate their livestock! You should be able to get honest, and transparent answers which in turn should help you make your decision confidently whether or not to buy from them.

Try asking the manager at the meat counter in the supermarket if their meats come from livestock that was vaccinated. Do you think they will be able to tell you? I would be surprised... Remember, you have every right to know how your food was produced, or raised!

So to wrap this up, I encourage you to: Seek out your local regenerative farms that will tell you what their practices and protocols are on their farm. If your questions can't get answered honestly, keep seeking until you find your REAL farmer! The worst thing you can do is keep getting sucked into a tainted food supply without ever knowing the difference until it's too late... :(

Wishing you the best of food and blessings,
Dave at Dutch Meadows farm)

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