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Love Raw Milk? Take Action to Save It!

August 8, 2019

We are working with Real Food Consumer Coalition (RFCC), an organization who lobbies for small farms and has a strong history for helping small family farmers. They are working on legalizing raw dairy products and also working to get the FDA to stop enforcing legal action on farmers and consumers for transporting raw milk across state lines.We outlined all the history and goals of RFCC below and also the budget on where their fundraising dollars are spent. Most of the things they are working on would have a huge impact on Dutch Meadows and would make it possible to produce raw dairy products safe for human consumption legally. This kind of thing will take teamwork and we have a lot of confidence in our REAL food tribe of customers!

We're often asked "is raw milk vital to my family?".

Most of you know that here at Dutch Meadows we have been producing fluid raw milk that is tested and inspected and confirmed by the state of PA to be safe for human consumption. The problem is, that we cannot legally produce raw dairy *products* for human consumption even though our milk is tested and safe for human consumption. And, of equal importance, even though our milk is safe to drink in Pennsylvania as soon as you take it across state lines, the FDA says it becomes dangerous and no longer safe to drink.

The RFCC is trying to change all that and with your help they'll find success. Even if you're only able to donate $10.00 it will make a difference.

Here are ways to support the RFCC cause, Dutch Meadows, and many more small family farms.

Online donation link:

By check, payable to: Real Food Consumer Coalition

Mailing address: Real Food Consumer Coalition, 12511 Chalford Ln, Bowie, MD  20715

Feel free to read up on the history of RFCC prior to donating and understand what the donations will specifically support. 

RFCC works specifically on growing access to raw dairy, promoting on-farm testing and quality standards, and working directly with lawmakers and policy makers to make necessary changes to improve access to small farms and value added products. This year, they are applying for grants that will allow them greater impact in the communities and efforts they already make. But they need you! RFCC can see dramatic changes in the laws hindering local farmers from providing their products. Their top focus for 2019 is making raw milk and raw dairy products safer and more available for everyone while providing greater security to the farms producing it. Please make a secure donation to keep their work going! RFCC and Dutch Meadows rely on people like you and we count on your participation. Thank you!

The summer fundraising goal is $65,000. Please help us reach this goal!

2019 - 2020 Priorities and Initial Budget

Raw Milk Action

1) Promote the value of raw dairy to our elected officials and to our communities. If a raw milk emergency comes up, we make sure our positive messaging gets out as well.

    Action - Make and promote videos, brochures, and publications specifically related to the positive aspects of raw dairy and raw dairy products.

    Cost: $7,000 - 7,500

    2) Create an organization responsible for testing raw dairy and raw dairy products. In addition, the organization would support farmers in transitioning to permitted raw dairy.

    Action - RFCC would work with farmers and agencies to bring about more opportunities for small farms to sell products. We help farmers set up on-farm testing, bottling, educational safety material, and much more. Our goal is for dairy farmers to have higher sales and be successful on any scale. By RFCC getting the grants, we can assist farmers in all the necessary components they need to become certified and permitted allowing them to focus on farming and improving the quality of their products.

    Cost: $5,000 for initial grant writing.

    3) Interstate sales of raw milk.

    A) If partially funded, RFCC could begin the litigation process against FDA. This would serve several purposes: beginning the legal process to have the FDA rule on the interstate exemption petition, bringing raw milk back into the headlines which would help with awareness and sales overall, create opportunities for shifts in public perception, and generate a broader net for funding and grants. However much of this RFCC gets funding for, we will begin the process with what we have. More will come in as we work towards the litigation process.

    Cost: $25,000 - $180,000 The lower amount would get the process started creating momentum for more donations.

    B) We are working directly with members of Congress to introduce bills that would allow for interstate sales of raw milk. This takes time, effort, and publicity. This works in conjunction with the petition we have in. By funding this portion of our efforts, we are assured greater success than funding them separately. 

    Cost: $25,000 would fund a tremendous amount of advocacy for the 2019 and 2020 Congressional session.

    4) Changing state laws for value-added products.

    Our advocacy and lobbying efforts are needed on the state level. We are in process of working with policy-makers, lawmakers, and other organizations to create new opportunities for legal sales of raw dairy products. By devoting more time to this, we can ensure a sooner positive outcome.

    Cost: $25,000 - 200,000

    PRIME Act

    1) Press release for introduction of bill--Mid May.

      Action - Part of changing laws is making sure that people know how it would benefit them. We need to raise public awareness about the PRIME Act and the importance of purchasing meats from small, local farms, via newspapers, radios, social media, etc. RFCC can do much of this work in house, keeping costs low. But we will hire outside PR for the parts we cannot do. Creating publicity on these topics will benefit local Amish farmers in the Lancaster area as we showcase our initial circle of farmers.

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