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Holiday Sides You Won’t Regret Trying this Year

November 7, 2019

We are obvious fans of the center dish of a grand holiday meal, especially if it’s a pastured turkey, pastured duck, 100% grassfed lamb, or another responsibly raised, grassfed, healthy and flavorful dish

However, we all know that center of attention wouldn’t be the star of the show without its supporting sides. That’s why we thought we’d pique your appetite and inspire your holiday experience with a fun roundup...of roundups. Each one falls within its own category and style. Find your favorite and enjoy!

A Local (PA) Focus

These dishes from PA Eats showcase a wide range of side dishes that can be made with produce that’s in season in our home state of Pennsylvania, which means our tri-state area customers should be able to get their hands on many of these local goods as well. You can start by checking the Dutch Meadows Produce Patch.

Extra Healthy

These dishes from Bon Appetit focus on balancing out some of the heavier and unhealthy indulging we do around the holidays by showcasing vitamin and nutrient-packed profiles. 

The Classics

We love trying new things but classics are classics for a reason, right? Food Network showcases 100 (yes, seriously) classic recipes in this roundup. Make way for creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and more! We’re hungry just looking at ‘em.

A Twist on the Norm

It never hurts to change things up. As we already admitted, we love the classics and believe they are classics for a reason but we also love how this roundup from Wide Open Eats chose simple and slight twists to the norms so you’re not stressing out about trying something totally brand new or sourcing new and strange ingredients.

Around the World

Not every culture celebrates Thanksgiving or Christmas, but almost all cultures certainly have holidays or times that they gather with loved ones to honor a particular event or person. There is often food involved in these cultural moments and gatherings, and this roundup from Flight Network does a nice job of taking you through some.


Lastly, if you’re short on time, you may want to check out these side dishes from BRIT + CO that still steal the show from a flavor standpoint but won’t do too much damage to your limited resources, which can easily include time this time of year. 

At the end of the day, remember to cherish the moments with your loved ones, and maybe make time for those who don’t have loved ones to share a meal with, no matter what type of cuisine makes it to the table. That’s the real importance of the holidays.

Dave Stoltzfus

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