Fake Eggs? Fake Meat? Save The World?

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

March 4, 2023

1. Fake Eggs? Really?

Wow! Are Fake Eggs the answer? Maybe if there is an egg shortage or if the price is too high we could just go for fake eggs right? I warn you, we might just pay for it in other ways like in it affecting our health, or putting REAL family farms out of business, etc...

For me, I would not even touch that stuff! I guess it's everybody's own choice, right? But REAL eggs from REAL chickens raised on regenerative pastures is definitely the way to go. Add Soy free, Corn Free, Chemical free, & Drug free to make for a truly clean egg that you can trust!

And then there is the Avian flu to worry about right? I guess anything could happen at any given time but there are ways to try and keep your chickens healthy and happy to hopefully avoid this kind of thing, especially small flocks on pasture.

We believe it is the best for chickens to be out on grass and in the sunshine whenever possible scratching for bugs, to make for the healthiest chickens around producing the most nutritious eggs naturally without corn, soy, chemicals, or any other harmful additives to the chickens feed.

But this is the opposite for CAFO chicken farms, they lock them up in big barns (no outside access), so they don't get sick! And the kind of protocols they use for bio-security, and for the health of the chickens is beyond me. It seems way too sterile and making the chickens even more vulnerable to disease.

Now this egg shortage has given the mega egg companies all kinds of excuses to price gouge the consumer for the price of eggs! I bet those corporate egg companies are making big profits right now, eh?

You might ask: Then why are your prices just as high or higher? Well, it takes a lot more labor to produce the REAL Mobile-Pastured eggs, the organically grown feed is more expensive, and we don't push them with cheap fillers to produce more eggs quickly. We also make sure the farmer gets paid a premium for his eggs, to invest back into his regenerative farm the right way.

One the main complaints I have recently heard from folks who have mainstream eggs from indoor flocks are, 'I should be getting paid more" or prices are high at the grocery store but my pay price didn't go up much", and of course more.

In simplicity, it's a much healthier, not costlier egg! That will be your solution, buying REAL pastured eggs from a farm you trust. Seek them out!

Back to fake eggs, there's say that Bill gates is involved somehow in this growing market by investing in it and somehow they are killing off flocks of chickens with this so-called "Avian Flu" to make for an eggs shortage so their fake egg product looks like the best solution? Really? Save the world with fake eggs?

I don't think it will stand the chance for long as there are too many educated consumers like you and I that know what is best, and can't be tricked that easy!

What do you think?

 Below is a shot (summer 2022) of our layer chickens outside on grass around their mobile coops. Note the guard dog in the foreground to keep predators at bay... :)

2. Fake Meat? Save The World?

Save the world with fake meats, that is actually what some people believe! Plus it seems like it's a shot at trying to control the food supply globally. 

"Those who control the food control the people" by Henry Kissinger. Wouldn't we believe this quote holds some truth?

To give you more insight on the fake meat industry, here is an interesting article on Fake Meat from Dr. Joseph Mercola through Childrens Health Defense. There's a lot of information on their website as well on any fake foods for that matter...

Saving the world with fake meats? I would think the opposite as rotating REAL healthy livestock on regenerative pastures is one of the best things you can do!

Why? Because plants, grasses, and legumes help pull carbon out of the air and store it, where in turn cows will eat and then trample the rest of the grasses into the soil creating more organic matter! It would be like "turning carbon into soil", or in other words "carbon sequestering"! Wow, so cool, right? :)

Carbon is actually the main component of soil organic matter helping with the soil's water retention capacity. And the more water retention soil has, the cooler and more hydrated it will stay in hotter temperatures! I'd say this would be a solution for helping with climate change right?

Put simply, it's all about REGENERATIVE. Regenerative means to renew, to regrow, or to restore, especially where something has been lost or depleted like soil!

It's that simple, it's the way God created nature to be!

And to this day people still want to believe differently. Maybe we just need to educate more, and do more outreach which we truly enjoy doing! I believe one of the biggest problems with the media is that people are innocently getting the wrong information, education or even mindset, which in turn makes them believe this is what you should eat, or this is what you should do about it!

Here's what we think you can you do as a health-conscious consumer to make a difference:

  • Support REAL regenerative farms by purchasing grass fed meats, eggs, and dairy. Seek them out!
  • Spread the word (feel free to share this newsletter)
  • Do your research when buying food. Ask questions! Ask Why!

How about the REAL deal? There's no comparison! This is what a tasty, marbled Delmonico steak looks like from 100% grass fed beef!

Here's a photo of lab-grown meat, nothing compared to the real deal as seen above! Does it look tasty or what?

In conclusion, don't get me wrong, we do respect those of you that choose not to eat meat or eggs. But just a word of caution to be careful when you decide to look for alternative protein sources like fake meat, or fake eggs!

We want to thank-you very much for the support, and trust that you have shown to us by choosing to spend your food dollars with our farm enterprise. We do encourage you to seek out your local farms near you as well, so go for it! We aren't perfect either but we strive to do our best with integrity, honesty, and naturally with you and your family's health in mind...

All the best,

Dave at Dutch Meadows

 P.S. Feel free to reply to this email with any questions or comments you may have as we really enjoy feedback and are here to help! This is usually the best part of sending a newsletter... :)

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