Beware of the Perfect Diet - Spoiler Alert: There Isn’t One

written by

Dave Stoltzfus

posted on

August 31, 2020

Today, folks, we’re going to talk about the perfect diet. 

Spoiler alert: there isn’t one.

Still, much of society is obsessed with finding that magical combination of food and drink intake that keeps you slim and glowing and toned and energized and all those other super traits that are, simply put, not the only indicators that matter when it comes to measuring how healthy you are. 

Remember, no two people are the same (aside from identical twins). If you pause to really think about that, it’s a pretty fascinating concept. Our thoughts, our movements, our chemical makeups, and bodily systems are all different. Within our own gene pools, we may see smaller variations than when we compare two totally different lineages but there is still a difference from person to person. 

Crazy, right? Yes! It is, and it’s also proof that, especially when we’re talking about the human body, there’s not a single equation that can deliver the same result for different people. Are there general rules worth following? Of course! But in today’s world, there are downright outrageous health claims being made that are 1) not be made as generic rules and 2) easily exposed to impressionable beings on a regular basis.

We recently revisited a talk that Diana Rodgers delivered at a 2017 Grassfed Exchange Conference.

Diana is a “real food” Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist living on a working organic farm in

New England. This speech is an oldie but a goodie and still reigns 100% true to this day. She covers a lot of important criteria in the speech while advocating for the consumption of meat, obviously grass fed, in one’s diet. Through her journey of advocating, she shares a true success story of a past patient and clearly reviews the mis-guiding messages about going vegetarian or switching to plant based meats, like The Impossible Burger. It’s important to note that she never says the whole world shouldn’t be vegetarian, as the reverse of that argument is a claim that vegetarian and vegan communities often make. Are there some people who should not consume meat or should not consume red meat? You’d be hard pressed to find an individual of the grass fed and pasture raised community who supports that statement.

Why? Because those communities, first and foremost, are concerned with the holistic health of all creatures and the planet before they’re concerned with increasing meat consumption and big profits. It’s as simple as that.

And even the people behind plant-based burgers (there are quite a few brands already) can’t be concerned with holistic health as much as grass fed operations. When you consider that we don’t have unlimited resources and plant (usually soy)-based products created in a factory at a massive scale definitely use more unlimited resources than a small grass fed operation, you might wonder if those plant-based brands care about your health, animal health, plant health, environmental health (and so on) at all. Not to mention their entire business premise is based on the idea that we as a society are eating too much meet. Diana addresses this in her talk:


So, in short, there's a REALLY REALLY good chance you shouldn't be cutting meat out of your diet. You likely just need to be cutting it down and choosing grass fed, healthy meat. In the end, it’s as simple as this - eat real food with intention. This means select meat that was raised responsibly, naturally, with care for the animal and all elements that will come in contact with the animal. It also means be present and take time to pay attention to what you consume, how you react to that consumption, and how everyone and everything around you is impacted by that consumption. We know it can be hard to tell good vs bad these days due to loose marketing/branding/labeling regulations and that's one of the best reasons to bypass big box and buy directly from your farmers, small businesses, and independents.

As always, we know our customers are not necessarily in need of hearing this type of message but perhaps it will empower you to share this TRUTH with someone else who does need to hear it. Until then, and well after, we thank you for your continued support and for your regular vote toward a better world.

As always, wishing you many blessings in good health!

PS here is Diana Rodgers speech for anyone interested in taking a deeper dive: 




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