All Meat is NOT Created Equal

September 19, 2019

There has been a lot of criticism against the meat industry, and what feels like drastically heightened rhetoric in the last 6 months to a year. The argument has become particularly focused on environmental concerns, which we find to be a bit ironic since we’ve been concerned about the environment since day one and our commitment to nature is exactly why we operate our meat business the way we do, along with many other responsible farmers who utilize holistic management and regenerative practices.

We hate that we even have to do this but we’re educated on this matter, more than the average consumer, and we don’t believe the consumer should be expected to read between the lines and play detective. So here are the facts.

When you see headlines, read stories, watch the news or hear conversations - however you’re consuming information - it’s likely you’ve come across messaging that, in one way or another, implies “eating less meat is a valid and necessary strategy for fighting climate change”.

Yes. But no.

The problem is when they refer to “meat” in these reports, they’re referring to meat from corporations (mostly the four massive ones that dominate the industry) that operate irresponsibly and against nature, overproducing and mistreating animals.

So, YES, if Americans would stop buying products from and supporting THOSE CORPORATIONS, it would certainly be a positive step toward correcting environmental issues.

Does that mean you have to give up meat completely though?


There are farmers who are utilizing regenerative methods and holistic practices that create environmental benefits. Which means it would actually be worse to not buy meat from these farmers.

Purchasing from these farmers allows them to continue to steward the land and actually off-set the carbon footprint. Think of the money you spend with them and the advocating you do for them (tell a friend) as an investment. Because it truly is. It’s an investment in the future of our planet, but also your health.

What price can you put on that? If you don’t have your health or you don’t have your surrounding environment to enjoy, what do you have?

We hope you'll consider sharing this TRUTHFUL message with a friend today. Spread the word. People need to understand. Consumers deserve better. We truly believe that and will continue to try our best to educate, when we're not busy responsibly running a farm. 

Dave Stoltzfus

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