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5 Lamb Recipes to Try in Any Season (Especially the Holidays!)

December 12, 2019

We’ve always loved lamb but we didn’t realize our customers loved it as much as us, too! That became crystal clear after the recent release of our latest lamb inventory, which sold out rather quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience the popularity may have caused but, as you can imagine, this is one of the best problems for a business to have. We can only ask that you bear with us as a small business producing, processing, and selling at a responsible level. We would always rather sell out than have any product go to “waste”. 

Of course, when we say waste we simply mean not for sale. We always find a way to use non-sellable products if needed. Thankfully, it’s not something we have to do often. So much so, that I can’t tell you the last time that’s occurred. But, rest assured, if we got to that bridge we would find a way to cross it in a holistic manner that benefits nature without harming the community, our business, and all other members of the ecosystem. 

That being said, we’re planning to re-stock the lamb in the very near future and thought it’d be a great idea to equip you with a few recipes before doing so. Give these a try! Many are delightful any time of year but some make for an extra special treat for the holidays.

Remember to share your experiences and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Lamb Chops
These Spiced Marinated Lamb Chops with Garlicky Yogurt from Bon Appetit are almost too simple to be true. They really combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to make a delicious, fancy-feeling, and healthy dinner in a pinch. Load our Lamb Rib Chops into your cart. Once they arrive, just add a side salad or veggies and you’re good to go!

Lamb Cubes

For this one, you’re going to want the Boneless Lamb Cubes. They’re really quite nice on kabobs (hello summer) but we love using them in soups, stews, and frys in the colder months, like this Stir-Fry from Epicurious. The touches of cinnamon, ginger, and lemon are subtle but give it just the right amount of zing and seasoning for a cozy winter dish.

Leg of Lamb
We understand the Leg of Lamb may seem a little intimidating but what if we told you it could be prepared beyond deliciously in less than 6 steps? We think Chungah takes a perfect approach to Roasted Leg of Lamb on her blog, Damn Delicious. It’s even simpler if you skip the Hasselback Potatoes, but they are quite fun to try at least once (even if you “Pinterest fail”).

Lamb Ribs
Some people just love a good spare rib. They’ll order it every time they eat out, and they don’t hesitate to slow roast or grill their own at home. Maybe they don’t consider Lamb Ribs as often as they should but that’s about to change. These Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs with Mint Sauce are for those people. And possibly for those who need a little more convincing, too. Mint is commonly used as a complementary ingredient with lamb and it does the job in this recipe from Lorraine Elliot of Not Quite Nigella.

Lamb Shank
Asking anyone who knows anything about cooking and they’ll tell you the Lamb Shank should be braised for optimal flavor and enjoyment. We’d say, never hesitate to try new things and go out of your comfort zone, but the majority is definitely not wrong on this one. Braising lamb shanks is a true treat! This recipe from Delish is quite simple and classic, but never disappoints.

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