The T-bone is similar to the porterhouse but a little bit smaller since it's cut from the front section of the short loin and therefore contains less of the tenderloin. If you're a fan of the NY Strip but prefer a bit more juiciness and flavor, the T-bone is your best bet as the presence of meat on the bone always amplifies taste. Meat lovers, including all of us at Dutch Meadows, especially love it prepared on the grill. The trick to cooking the t-bone, and many grass fed steaks to tender perfection is timing and termperature. We recommend giving a quick sear to both sides on a higher heat, then reducing to finish. This will allow the natural sugars to caramelize while keeping the muscle fibers from tightening. Pair with your favorite sides and good company for a dining experience that's truly hard to beat - top notch restaurant quality but right in your home!

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