Sweet bologna is often one of those items you might not think you like until you've tried the real deal. Common "big box" bologna found in the average grocery store will typically have a red color to it, due to artifical ingredients. Trust us when we say you need to taste and see the difference to believe it. Our sweet bologna, as it was naturally intended, is free from nitrates and nitrites, as well as MSG, gluten, and is non-GMO. It has a delightfully bold taste to it, that some describe as being on the smoky side. You can slice it up amongst a tray of other bite size treats as a lovely offering to guests, snack on it with the family, throw it on a sandwich, or even fry it in a pan and serve as a side meat for your meal. We especially love it that way with eggs. Our bologna is conveniently sliced and vac. sealed for maximum quality and freshness.


100% grass-fed Beef, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, and Black Pepper. Uncured without Nitrates & Nitrites.
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