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Sourdough Einkorn Pizza Crust

Sourdough Einkorn Pizza Crust

12 inch Pizza Crust

WOW! Sourdough Einkorn Pizza! Einkorn is one of the oldest wheat varieties known to man. It has its original makeup, resulting in much less stress on the digestive tract. It also has a better developed root system which enables the plants to take up more nutrients from the soil. It carries incredible flavor realized in our delicious Sourdough Einkorn Pizzas.

Toppings are not included.

Baking Instructions: Thaw pizza Crust for 1 hour. Spread pizza sauce on crust. Add veggies or meats of your choice. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes then spread cheese on top (our Raw Mozzarella cheese is a great option!) and put it back in oven (with burner turned off) until cheese is melted. This gentle melting helps preserve the enzymes in the raw cheese.


Sourdough ingredients: Organic einkorn flour, Water, Grass-fed milk, Organic olive oil, Honey, Pastured eggs, Real salt, organic oregano, organic garlic powder, gluten-free baking soda .
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