Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

1 lb. Raw Shrimp

Well folks, we don't grow seafood on pasture but we have a great, reliable seafood vendor "Wild For Salmon" that has quality wild caught seafood. As you may know, we do sell their wild caught Sockeye Salmon currently. They are the actual fishermen that catch these Sockeye Salmon right out of Bristol Bay, AK.

Anyway, here we have these premium wild caught RAW gulf shrimp which will be sure to satisfy you seafood lovers! :)

Wild caught white shrimp from the Louisiana Gulf have a mild flavor compared to brown shrimp with notes of natural sweetness since they’re harvested in low-salt areas, like brackish estuaries and bayous. These pair great in dishes with sauces and seasonings. Our white shrimp peeled and de-veined for easy cooking, no messy shells to remove!


Shrimp, Water, Salt
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