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French Rhubarb Pie

French Rhubarb Pie

8" Pie
NEW ITEM - Seasonal Special
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Our first of the seasonal pies. These pies have a definite rhubarb taste and are a great fit for the those who don’t like super sweet desserts. The topping has a slightly crispy texture and buttery flavor. That is, 100% grass-fed butter!

This is truly a product created from scratch using only PURE, all natural ingredients.



Filling: Chemical-free rhubarb, organic sucanat, pastured eggs, honey, organic spelt flour, organic vanilla extract, Real salt. Topping: Organic sprouted spelt flour, organic sucanat, pastured butter Crust: Organic einkorn flour, pastured lard, water, pastured eggs, baking powder, Real salt, and organic vinegar.
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