The Porterhouse is similar to the T-bone, in that it originates from the short loin of the animal, which is the area below the backbone. The Porterhouse is harvested from the rear end of the short loin and contains more tenderloin steak because of this. Both cuts have bone on them but you'll find the Porterhouse has more and isa little more tender. However, the meat around the t-shaped bone in both cuts is some of the most flavorful, mouthwatering bites of meat that one can take. You want to make sure not to overcook this cut and ruin the tenderness, so we recommend preparing it on the grill or quickly pan seared on the stove top. Porterhouse does well in the oven too but make sure you are particular about your cooking temperatures and time. No matter how you choose to prepare it, this 100% grass fed porterhouse steak is hard to beat.

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