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Pint Raw Colostrum (First) - Frozen

Pint Raw Colostrum (First) - Frozen

1 Pint - For cats and dogs

Limit of 2 per Order

New: We add colostrum to the website the first Thursday of every month @ 11 am. : Limit 2 per Order!!

Colostrum is obtained from the first milking after one of our Dutch Belted cows births a calf. The first milk produced after calving, compared to all milk that follows, is highest in enzymes, nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and antibodies. When settled, the milk is almost 50% fat, which gives it a rich, deep yellow color and extra creamy texture. A cow produces about 2 to 3 times more than the calf will ever need so instead of letting this super food go to waste, we've developed it into a healthy and natural product for our customers' pleasure. Like our organic raw milk, this colostrum is obtained from 100% grass fed Dutch Belt cows who graze our beautiful organic meadows and pasture as nature intended.

*Why "For cats and dogs"? This is because the PDA still has no legal way of letting us sell RAW Colostrum.

But for now the way we can sell it is getting a pet food license and labeling it as "for cats and dogs", not for human consumption. It's definitely a workaround for now. Remember, we do still process this product to high standards for human consumption, nothing changes there! :)

Thank you, and remember that your purchase is far more than a financial exchange, it help us preserve our heritage breed of Dutch Belted Cows and keeps a family farm alive and well.