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Mild Beef Sticks

Mild Beef Sticks

Approx. 8 beef sticks

These sticks feature our 100% grassfed Angus beef with specialty DM seasonings, conveniently sealed up in a bite-size form for your snacking pleasure. They are free from gluten, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, and are non-GMO, making them a perfect and healthy snack for the whole family. Our customers love to keep them on-hand for a bite size travel treat, hors d'oeuvres for entertaining, and simply delicious and easy snacking throughout your day. We offer sweet, mild, and hot beef sticks. Try them all and find your favorite!


100% grass-fed Beef, evaporated cane juice, sea salt, garlic, ground mustard seed, black pepper, ground red pepper, cayenne, lactic acid starter culture. Uncured without Nitrates & Nitrites.
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