Treat yourself and your joints, too! Marrow bones were overlooked for many years with some consumers only considering them a treat for their dogs. The truth is, they marrow is not only prepared as a delicacy in upscale cuisine but it's great for your health. It is commonly enjoyed in the form of bone broth, where the marrow bones are simmered/slow cooked in water, sometimes with a selection of vegetables, to create a truly delicious and comforting treat. You can drink the bone broth as is or use it for cooking. It is especially great as the base to many soups. And your dog will love it as well so it doesn't hurt to treat them every once and a while. Although you may not want to share too much after tasting the rich, robust flavor in the 100% Grass-fed Angus beef marrow bones. Of course, we also make our own bone broth using these same high quality bones which you can buy directly from the Dutch Meadows store. Your choice! Either way, we know you won't be disappointed.

Consider purchasing the Marrow Bone Bundle for convenience and savings!

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