The Delmonico is known for it`s fine marbling texture and juicy tenderness, which makes it one of the best steaks for the grill. We have been known to also occasionally cook them in the oven here at Dutch Meadows and then slice them for some of the best steak sandwiches you'll ever encounter. Interestingly enough, Delmonico is one type of steak that is not named after a particular section of the cow that it originates from. In fact, depending on the producer, it can originate from a variety of sections on the cow. The birthplace of this type of cut was actually in New York, at a spot that some consider to be “America’s first restaurant”, Delmonico’s. The most important features to look for in your Delmonico is that it’s thick-cut and of a high quality, both of which are a guarantee with Dutch Meadows real food offerings. Here’s one of our favorite Delmonico Steak recipes to try. As always, we guarantee meat from grass fed cows, naturally raised in harmony with the land and free of hormones. This means, no matter which cut you decide on or how you prepare it, the taste is sure to please.

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