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Beef Family Pack Bundle

Beef Family Pack Bundle

15 lbs Variety of Steaks/Roasts

The perfect choice when choosing an option for stocking your freezer affordably with beef roasts and steaks. This pack gets it`s name "Family Pack" by considering that it will stock your freezer well for a small family. Quite a savings when considering the value of 100% grass-fed beef.

This pack consists of:

  • 5 / 1 lb. packs ground beef
  •  2 / pk. 4-4oz. patties
  • 2 / 1lb. T-Bone steaks
  • 2 / 1lb. Top Round Steaks
  • 1 / 2lb Eye Round Roast
  • 2 / 18-oz. Sirloin steaks Takes less than 1 cu. foot of freezer space.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Variety may change to match availability.