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10 lb Premium Ground Round Bundle

10 lb Premium Ground Round Bundle

10 ~ 1lb packs
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$8.75/lb. $8.25/lb. Avg. 10 lb.
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This product is similar to our ground beef offering except the meat is sourced specifically from the round of the beef, or the rear leg of the cow, which includes the Top Round, Bottom Round, Eye Round and Sirloin. Since the muscles of the leg are used regularly on a cow, the cuts that make up this ground beef are often on the leaner side. It's perfect for folks who are after higher protein and lower fat content. Since it has a leaner composition than your average ground beef, we recommend it is cooked on the rare side or with the utmost care.

It`s another one of our "buy more and save bundles". Takes less than 1/2 cu. foot of freezer space.