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1/2 Gallon Organic Maple Syrup - Grade A

1/2 Gallon Organic Maple Syrup - Grade A

1/2 Gallon - Jug

Did you know that pure maple syrup is nature's healthful sweetener? It contains vitamins, minerals, and necessary amino acids. Try it on grapefruit, hot cereal, granola, plain yogurt, winter squash, or sweet potatoes. Use it as a glaze on meat and over ice cream. Put it in coffee, milk or a milkshake. Pour it on pancakes, waffles and french toast.

This pure and natural old-fashioned maple syrup is made from sap of the sugar maple tree. Approximately 40 gallons of maple sap are boiled down to produce the correct density of one gallon of this pure maple syrup.

Once the container is opened, syrup should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer (the freezer is best as maple syrup becomes thick but will not freeze). If mold does happen to form on top of the syrup, it can be restored to nearly its original flavor by reheating to the boiling point and skimming.



100% Certified Organic Pure Maple Syrup