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The Elam Stoltzfus and family from Serenity Meadows farm put a lot of effort into raising pastured free-range broilers with "chicken tractors" Humanely and Naturally. They are only about 5 miles from Dutch Meadows and seasonally process fresh chicken from June-November. For the many times we`ve been to their farm, it touches us how they are sustainable about farming by including the whole family and keeping the rich traditions with our heritage. Besides raising broilers they also enjoy milking cows, producing eggs from free-range pastured chickens, raising grass-fed beef and more. By shopping for pasture raised chicken at Dutch Meadows, you are supporting this local small farm producer who takes care of his land and keeps our customers in consideration. If you get a chance to visit the farm countryside out here, pay them a friendly visit at:

362 School Lane Road, Gap, PA, 17562

  • 717-442-7969