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17oz Raw Wildflower Honey

17oz Raw Wildflower Honey

17 oz. - Jar
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WILDFLOWER honey is our “catch-all” term for our various honeys, that are not gathered in a specific enough quantity to have its own label. Spring honey is usually light colored and will not crystallize quickly. Fall honey is usually darker and crystallizes quickly, sometimes even in the comb before it can be extracted. Therefore, our raw wildflower honey may vary in color and taste and texture, depending on the time of year it is collected,the floral sources available to the bees, and the length of time stored before it is bottled. The floral sources for wildflower are Dandelion, Wild Cherry, all kinds of fruit tree blossoms, Sumac, Locust, Tulip Poplar, Autumn Olive, Knapweed, Dutch clover, Sweet Clover, Basswood, Goldenrod, Japanese Bamboo, and Aster, to name a few.

Some people think all our honey is LOCAL honey, from Strasburg, PA, since we live and operate from here. We do have a nice crop of local honey, but we are not big enough to produce enough for the demand for Lancaster County Local honey. We are able to get much of our wildflower honey from Pennsylvania or New York area. If we run out of that, we also purchase sweet clover honey from South Dakota which has been a pleasing wildflower honey for our customers.

This is a very handy size to keep around.



Unheated, Unfiltered Raw Honey